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As you may imagine we get a lot of common questions so here are answers to some of the more popular ones. This section may offend some people but these are honest answers (OK fair-do, in some cases they are ranting) based upon the views of the label manager. If you don’t like them, we don’t wish to fall out with you about it, so please look for another label to open a dialogue with, ‘cos it’s certain that we will not see eye-to-eye in a million years.
If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to answer your query. Click on one of the following questions to go to a pop-up window with the relevant answer.

What is the Label Background?

What’s happened to the ‘Rip-Off’ label using your trade name?

What kind of music does the label specialise in?

What is the profile of a typical fan?

We have just been offered a deal by a label. How do I tell if it is a good deal?

How does this label go about identifying artists and getting a recording to the consumer?

What sorts of commercial obstacles does the independent label face?

Is the goal of this label to eventually sell to a major label or to remain independent?

From the perspective of those who run the label, what are the major problems facing the recording industry?

According to those who work at this label, how easy or difficult is it to enter the industry? Are there student internships possibilities at the label or at other independent labels?

Do you think that you have personally made a change to the label?

What does the label need to improve?

How do I submit a demo or item for consideration or review by the label?

Do you have studio facilities for hire ?

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