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After The Fire
The music of Phoenix Rising

After The Fire

PR12-CD01 (2024)
Produced for Rising Records
by Pete Bangert


  • 01.
    Phoenix Rising
  • 02.
    Lonely Attack
  • 03.
    The Minstrel
  • 04.
    See Ya Babe
  • 05.
    'Bout The Time
  • 06.
  • 07.
    So Easy
  • 08.
  • 09.
    Gotta Be Joking

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

This is a long awaited release. The album is based upon the recordings and live performances of Phoenix Rising material that were on the tapes when the original line-up took a pause back in the mid-80’s.

The tracks on this album are finalised as the definitive studio versions of the Phoenix Rising material. The arrangements, instrumentation and orchestrations are as originally envisioned by the music's composer Pete Bangert.

The drums are based upon the original work of Danny brought up to date and interpreted by our session drummer, Clatterfoot. Pete Bangert performs the guitars, synths and backing vocals on the album, with joint lead vocal on the Phoenix Rising track. The bass work on the album is performed by our session man Session Pete. The Lead Vocals and some backing vocals are performed by Mick Shedd.

This album is released as ‘The music of Phoenix Rising’ rather than being credited to the band itself, to reflect the studio recording session line-up.

This release now draws a line under the chapter of the NWOBHM band, Phoenix Rising. All future releases of remaining Phoenix Rising material are to be released under the Pig’n’aif project banner.

However, it is fair to say this album demonstrates the Phoenix Rising brand of Melodic Heavy Rock definitively.

The album is available for download on-line from the usual standard on-line websites.

Of course a download rather than a stream will help fund future work by the label.

The album is available for download from Bandcamp and at most download stores world-wide including iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many others. Click one of these links or try your own download store. There’s a list of download sites on ArtistCamp
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