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‘The Jester... Thinks...’

A musical exploratory by Pig’n’aif

The Jester... Thinks...The Jester... Thinks...

Rising Records PNF05-CD01
Released 18/09/09

  • 01.
    The Jester
  • 02.
    Down 'n' Out
  • 03.
    Lady Of The Song
  • 04.
    Gotta Be Jokin'
  • 05.
    Genus Holbytla
    a) Innocence Transformed b) It's All A Bit Of A Struggle
    c) Life's Twists And Turns
  • 06.
    Stolen Moments
  • 07.
  • 08.
    Orchestral Lady
  • 09.
    The Jester's Reprise

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This is the most recent prog-rock release by Pig’n’aif. All of the songs were written and arranged by Pete Bangert with the lyrics on Lady Of The Song co-written by his wife Jill. Mick Shedd sang lead vocals on the majority of the tracks. All of the instruments, the lead vocal on The Jester, and the backing vocals were played, performed or perpetrated by Pete.

The album brings together some overdue material as well as material specifically written for the album. As with most of Pete’s work, the material spans rock genres with the tracks varying from the (sort of) title track ‘The Jester’, a bouncy mediaeval-based jig, through the melodic rock songs of ‘Lady of the Song’ and ‘Stolen Moments’, to blues/jazz-rock based numbers like ‘Down’n’Out’ and ‘Gotta Be Jokin’’ and onto the progressive rock suite ‘Genus Holbytla’. There is something for everyone on this album.

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