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‘The Little ‘Un’ Live Video

Phoenix Rising

'The Little 'Un' Live Video coverCatalogue Number: PR08-VID1
Released: 1991

This video was shot in a shakedown gig in 1991 at ‘The Little ‘Un’ venue in South Helmsall, Yorkshire. Then a well known venue in the northern pub-rock circuit.

This was a very early outing for the new line-up of the Phoenix Rising band, then in the throes of reformation to perform some Leukaemia Research Fund benefit gigs. The band was a mix of the original Phoenix Rising (Chris and Pete) blended with new musicians (Mel, Alan and Don).

Although the line-up was professional and capable, it did not have the dynamic that Pete wanted in the band. Further changes were made to the line-up to create what became the gigging version of the band. This is the only surviving record of that original shakedown band line-up.

The tracks, predominantly original material from the original line-up were; ‘Bout The Time, So Easy, The Minstrel, Electric Chair,  Understanding, Lonely Attack, Phoenix Rising, Blowing Free, White Room, Stormbringer, See Ya Babe.

PA Sound was mixed by Alan Bangert, Lights were by Steve Spencer and the video was filmed by Lynne Hamilton.

The band were Pete Bangert (guitar, guitar synth, vocals), Mel Day (vocals), Don Peat (drums), Alan Ibbotson (second guitar) and Chris Hamilton (from the original band on bass and vocals).

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