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One of the most important reasons for starting up this web site was to aid musicians in our local area of South Yorkshire in the development and production of their products and capabilities. We hope to offer aid in developing ‘end-to-end’ solutions for musicians from writing and copyrighting their product, through performing to recording and publishing.

Getting Just What You Want: to start with, you will need to think what you are trying to achieve. You will then need to plan how you intend to solve that requirement. We can aid you at all stages in the process providing you are clear on what you would like to do. We are not a ‘cash-rich’ label, so requests like “Will you turn me into a star I think I deserve it”  would not be likely to get our attention. Any solution we offer needs to be self-financing so please bear that in mind. Obviously having talent helps a lot. Once you have decided what you want to do your next step is to Contact Us preferably by Email in the first instance.

Other Examples: Our  Rising Records studio facilities are now geared towards the owner’s requirements and so we do not cater for group-based recording sessions within our facilities. We have ceased to maintain a commercial studio. But, we can offer some limited capability (including remix facilities) and we are willing to discuss individual cases. However, we do have facilities for live and rehearsal based recording on  24 track digital. In addition, we will always facilitate studio hire on behalf of clients as part of a general recording and production package. Please Contact Us  by Email to discuss details.

Backing Tracks: if you are a performer looking for Backing Tracks for live performance we have a back catalogue and musicians capable of bespoke backing track development to your specification.

Background music and bespoke composition: if you are looking for a piece of unique music to apply to your latest multimedia product or backing music for video and film we can help. We have songwriters with catalogues available and composers who will work to commission.

Song writing:  If you are a lyricist looking for a composer or vice versa we may be able to hook you up with the appropriate person.

As always, if there are other services you want and think we could offer, please Contact Us to discuss them.


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