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‘The Ship’ – Live album July 1992

Phoenix Rising

'The Ship' coverCatalogue Number: PR09-CA01
Released: 1992

This live recording was made in the early shakedown gigs of the Mk II line-up of Phoenix Rising during July 1992.

The recording mixes original material with cover material and was was transferred to cassette. It was used initially for gig promotion purposes to demonstrate the capabilities of the new line-up, primarily to venue owners.

The tracks on the recording are Armed And Ready, Understanding, King Will Come, ‘Bout The Time, What Is And What Should Never Be, Heartbreaker, So Easy, Take It Off The Top, Stormbringer, Phoenix Rising, White Room, Keeper Of The Light, Lonely Attack, Stairway To Heaven, Blowing Free, The Minstrel and Electric Chair

PA Sound was by Alan Bangert and the band line-up was Pete Bangert (guitar, guitar synth, vocals), Mel Day (vocals), Gordon Henderson (drums, vocals), Nick Parfrey (bass).

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