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Gotta Be Jokin’ - Album Demos

Gotta Be Jokin' - Album Demos coverCatalogue Number: PR05-CA01
Produced: 1985

Pete Bangert continued writing new material for Phoenix Rising in parallel with their live performances towards the recording of the next studio album. Unfortunately the band split before they had chance to get into the studio again.

Once Pete had recorded the demos, the band gigged a number of these tracks in various forms, either as jam tracks or more polished articles during their live performances. Recordings of those performances appear on a number of bootleg versions of their live

The tracks included on this demo were Gotta Be Jokin’,  Black King, Old Blues, all written and performed by Pete Bangert. The recording is not for general release but the track ‘Gotta Be Jokin’ ‘ can be found on the Pig’n’aif album ‘The Jester... Thinks...’ in a more refined form.

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