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I’ll Get By (with a little help from my friends)

Barry Diamond

I'll Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends)Rising Records BD02-CD01
Released: December 2007

  • 01.
    Mack The Knife
  • 02.
    Black Magic Woman
  • 03.
    Perfect Day (3:29)
    "No Audio"
  • 04.
    Sweet Home Alabama (3:48)
    "No Audio"
  • 05.
    Take My Breath Away (4:20)
    "No Audio"
  • 06.
    Addicted To Love (3:53)
    "No Audio"
  • 07.
    Sultans Of Swing (6:01)
    "No Audio"
  • 08.
    I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • 09.
    Always On My Mind
  • 10.
    You're The First, The Last, My Everything (3:23
    "No Audio"
  • 11.
    The Power Of Love (3:43)
    "No Audio"
  • 12.
    Hotel California (6:36)
    "No Audio"
  • 13.
    Over My Shoulder (3:35)
    "No Audio"
  • 14.
    White Wedding (4:23)
    "No Audio"
  • 15.
    Chasing Cars (5:07)
    "No Audio"

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

Barry Diamond’s 2007 and most recent album continues to demonstrate his assured grasp of performing and interpreting cover material of all types of genre.

The album kicks off with a swing classic in ‘Mack The Knife’ which Barry treats with ease, perfectly in style. It contains reflective ballads like ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘Always On My Mind’ which Barry interprets with feeling of emotion and has some upbeat performances on rock standards like ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Black Magic Woman’.

The album was produced, recorded and mastered in the Rising Records studios with the backing material being arranged and performed by Pete Bangert.

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