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‘Live At ‘The Buffer’ - 6th April 1993
Phoenix Rising

'Live At 'The Buffer'' coverCatalogue Number: PR10-DVD1
Released: 1993

This video was shot at the well known Sheffield rock venue ‘The Jolly Buffer’. This venue was a part of the national pub-rock circuit and Phoenix Rising established a regular residency there during the mid-90’s.

The band rotated material from a number of sources to keep crowd interest over multiple appearances and this video captures a typical set where the band mixed cover material with their own original material. 

The tracks on the video are Armed And Ready, Understanding, Keeper Of The Light, The Minstrel, White Room, So Easy, Stormbringer, Take It Off The Top, Let It Roll, Phoenix Rising, Moby Dick, What Is And What Should Never Be, Heartbreaker, Rock Bottom, Stairway To Heaven

PA Sound was mixed by Alan Bangert, Lights were by Steve Spencer and the video was filmed by Pete Spencer.

The band were Pete Bangert (guitar, guitar synth, vocals), Mel Day (vocals), Gordon Henderson (drums, vocals), Nick Parfrey (bass).

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