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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

PR433032 front coverPR433032 Back Cover

Catalogue Number:
PR 433032
Released: 1983

The record is no longer available on back catalogue.

The tracks are;

Lonely Attack,
The Minstrel,
Phoenix Rising
‘Av An ‘Am

The band line-up was

Pete Bangert (guitar, vocals),
Chris Hamilton (bass, vocals),
Jack Bunker (vocals)
Danny Spencer (drums)

This 5 Track 12 inch EP/Mini Album was the band's first release in 1983. It features Understanding the track defined as their first single, early versions of Lonely Attack and The Minstrel, the title track Phoenix Rising and 'Av An 'Am. It received good critical acclaim both from the press and radio and charted at the top of the 'Kerrang' magazine Independent Rock Chart.

The record was the first record released on the Rising Records label. The label was formed explicitly for that purpose. It is now out of print but originally priced £2 it is currently changing hands for a great deal more amongst collectors.
(You could try ‘Google-ing’ it if you want a copy and of course there’s always eBay).

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