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Rehearsal Demos coverCatalogue Number: PR01-CA01
Produced: 1982

Once the final line-up of the band was established in late summer of 1981 with the addition of Danny Spencer on drums, the band went into an intensive period of rehearsal prior to starting gigging.

In early 1982, the band installed recording equipment in the rehearsal studios and  recorded a number of ‘demo’ tracks for promotional purposes. These demos were polished recordings of four tracks; Understanding, ‘Bout The Time, The Minstrel, See Ya Babe, all of which were taken from their live set.

The ‘Demo’ was distributed fairly widely as a means of attracting interest and bookings from venues, support gigs for major artists and to stir up general media interest. The ‘Demo’ was very successful as it led to the band supporting the likes of Bernie Torme, Marillion, Jason Bonham’s Air Race, Wilco Johnson, Dr Feelgood as well as obtaining a series of gigs in the larger venues around the country.

The band line up was Pete Bangert (guitar), Chris Hamilton (bass), Jack Bunker (vocals), Danny Spencer (drums).

This recording has not been released since.

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