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Top Rank Video coverCatalogue Number: PR02-VID1
Released: 1982

This video was recorded at the first appearance of Phoenix Rising in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition held at the Top Rank in Sheffield in August 1982. This was one of the first outings for the newly gigging band and certainly their first live recording.

The tracks played in the set were Lonely Attack, Understanding, Phoenix Rising and See Ya Babe all of which can be found on the ‘Live Session’ recordings.

The live sound was mixed by Alan Bangert and the video recording made by Steve Atkinson.

The band line-up was Pete Bangert, Chris Hamilton, Jack Bunker, Danny Spencer

Here is some video from the session. The quality is poor as the video has degraded over the years, but it gives a flavour of the early band.

PR02-VID01 Rising Records 1982
ISRC: GBJ3N1000030



PR02-VID01 Rising Records 1982
ISRC: GBJ3N1000032



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