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Album recorded? ...and relax...We are really pleased to say that Al just strode across the dreaded ‘second album’ barrier without a qualm, to release another stunning collection of songs under the album title ‘Alan Ibbotson At The End of The World’. It contains 14 excellent tracks of folk/rock music covering significant (and oddly humorous) events and people in his life from his youth, through to the death of a parent and beyond to the future soul. It is both evocative and reflective and contains memorable melodies and lyrical hooks that stay with you for days. There are also 3 instrumental tracks on the album which were essentially one take improvisations recorded ad hoc and demonstrate a great range of acoustic technique. Great stuff, check it out here. Folk-ing About?

Alan Ibbotson’s self confessed musical progress, started with a tin banjo that he got for xmas 1963 on which he worked out the  riff for ‘And Then I Kissed Her’ by The Beach Boys. He played it all afternoon at his Nan’s house in London until they took it off him. Then, in true burgeoning musician manner, he went for the piano. The funny thing is, not  only does he remember it clearly (as you would for a first true musical experience) but his cousins who  where there remember it too, as they told him recently, although for  them it was an early sign of his impending descent into Bohemian debauchery rather  than a flag saying “Hey this kid’s good, give him a proper instrument”. He A decent stage for a change - now if I could only danceseems to think the transition ended with the moment he realised that he was in fact a god, at Barnsley Polish Club last year, whilst playing with his band Seventy Seven.

Whichever way we cut it, Alan has a prodigious talent as a musician and a writer, spaning very many genres of music. His previous album’s style reflects his early transition into live music, as a folk acoustic musician and writer. One Good Summer is redolent with social and personal references which resonate with everybody’s personal experience. What’s more you’ll find melodies and lyrics from these songs resurfacing in your mind often. It is a must listen album. As soon as we heard the demos we knew that this album had to be produced and released. We’re very glad we did because the end product is truly excellent.
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 Alan Ibbotson started out playing guitar in 1969 as an acoustic singer/guitarist. He played folk clubs for 20 years before moving on to play in heavy rock and prog bands, as a bass player in a blues band, as a guitarist in a 50s/60s R&B/Rock’n’Roll trio playing Northern WMCs.

He formed the long running covers band ‘Jonny Seven’ which had a huge repertoire covering 50s Rock’n’Roll, 60s Beat & Mod, Blues, Soul 70s Glam & Punk,80s Rock,90s UK Britpop & US Grunge/Punk through to 2000s Alt/Indie. This has all made him a very versatile chap.

He is currently the guitarist in a 70s punk covers band and a Mod/Soul covers band.

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Alan Ibbotson At The
End of The World


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One Good Summer

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