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Lots Of History

Pig’n’aif Mk I, II, III, and V

Lots of History cover.

Lots of History

Rising Records PNF01-CD01
Released 03/10/99

Not available for sale or download

Pignaif Mk I

1. Pete’s First Recording (Bangert)
2. Boogie No.1 (Atkinson, Bangert)
3. Boogie No.2 (Atkinson, Bangert)
4. A First Harmony (Atkinson, Bangert)

Pignaif Mk II

5. Ditto The Two (Atkinson, Bangert, Hobson)

Pignaif Mk III

6. Jailbait (Powell, Turner, Upton, Turner)
7. Electric Chair (Holt, Evans, Shell)
8. Throw Down The Sword (Powell, Turner, Upton, Turner)
9. Warrior (Powell, Turner, Upton, Turner)
10. Blowing Free (Powell, Turner, Upton, Turner)

Pignaif Mk V

11. I Hear You Now (Jon and Vangelis)
12. Lady Of The Song (Bangert, Bangert)
13. Urban Reprise (Atkinson, Bangert)
14. Walkin’ Arpeggiator (Atkinson, Bangert)
15. Platypuss Boogie (Atkinson, Bangert)
16. Bass, in Synth Jam (Atkinson, Bangert)
17. Careful With That Axe Stevie (Atkinson, Bangert)

This CD comprises back recordings of a number of the line-ups of Pig’n’aif over the years. All of these versions of Pig’n’aif included Steve Atkinson and Pete Bangert variously on guitar, vocals, keyboards and percussion.

The Mk's II and III line-ups of the band included Dave Hobson on bass. Mk III also included Tim Evans (drums) and Roy Leckey (vocals).

Tracks were recorded variously in Steve's studio, at the Oughtibridge Silver Prize Band Rehearsal Studios (or 'The Hut' as it may be more accurately known) and Pete's studios between 1969 and 1980. All of the items were 'Engineered and Produced' by Steve and Pete on various 'noddy' pieces of equipment ranging from hand-held tapes to Akai and TEAC semi-pro gear. The surviving tapes were in a poor state so re-edit and transfer to CD was perpetrated by Pete.

Some may say this was a crime too far and Pete should be soundly emulsified in alcohol for carrying out this activity. However, in fairness, this was a very limited distribution and not for resale. (He would probably have enjoyed the punishment too much anyway).

Having said all that, you will be pleased to know that we thought that some of the tracks were too good to waste and so they have now made it onto the Pig’n’aif  “Handover” album in modernised and re-recorded forms, and jolly good thay are too. Check out the “Handover” album for audio clips.

There is also a Pig’n’aif video available of a version of one of the tracks entitled ‘Dead Man Blues’ and that is good for a laugh. Make sure you watch it through to the end though.

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