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Pig'n'aif T-Shirt logoPig’n’aif  is both a band and a music project working in conjunction with Rising Records. The name is pronounced - in a typical Yorkshire accent - as Pig-an-Ayf. (Please feel free to use it as a surreptitious curse - we do...).

Originally born out of frustration, the name reflects the fact that it has often been a pig (and an ’aif) to bring these music and recording projects to fruition, or indeed to get the musicians together to play the material, but it also reflects a lighter side of things.

Pig’n’aif News

This is a video teaser of the track ‘My Amie’ from the forthcoming Pig’n’aif album ‘Electronicalis. of synth-based prog-rock.
A slightly different direction for the guys and just for the space of one album
 but that just shows their versatility.
All feedback gratefully received of course.









We have another new prog-rock album due for release shortly called ‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’,  (a “grumpy old rock album” as they term it - ‘cos thay are getting that way).  It is in the final stages of mixing and production. Watch this space and their Twitter feed.

Handover” was the latest album release from the Pig’n’aif project. It was waiting for the opportunity to emerge for a long time. The album is a snapshot of original material written and demo'd by the first Pig'n'aif team of Pete Bangert and Steve Atkinson between 1969 and 1976. The demo's were worked up into finished songs,  instrumental tracks, or incorporated into other completed works for release on this album. The material crosses many genre boundaries including Progressive Rock, Blues, Rock and Jazz. In this context it  feels like a ‘hand-over’ from a foreign planet.

 Pig’n’aif Blue-ish was the second release by the jam-band line-up and completes the theme they started in the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’ album. We are quite certain that (unless you have seen Pig’n’aif perform these  tracks live) you will not have heard these interpretations before.

All of these CD’s are available for purchase or download through this website, (just click on the covers), or you can get them from the Pig’n’aif website. Go on, check out the links. You know you would like to.

Pig’n’aif  have further parallel music projects on the go with many great contributing musicians. The projects will produce new albums in due course. 

Check out the Pig’n’aif website for more details and more news about their thrilling exploits. You can also keep up with the guys using their Twitter and Facebook pages

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