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Some Pig’n’aif Video

Pig’n’aif’s most recent video release, accompanies the album track ‘Down’n’Out’ from the
The Jester... Thinks... album.
This track poses the question, “What would you say to your younger-self, if you were given that precious opportunity. What advice would you give?”.

Guitars, synth guitar and keyboards from Pete and
soulful vocals from Mick Shedd. Another beautiful video.









This is the  video release from Pig'n'aif of ‘Stolen Moments’. The track is taken from the The Jester... Thinks... album. This track is one of a trilogy comprising ‘Lady Of The Song’, ‘Stormbringer’ and ‘Stolen Moments’ written by Pete Bangert based upon the Michael Moorcock’s character, Elric of Melniboné. Great lyrical guitar from Pete, expressive vocals from Mick Shedd and a beautiful video. Tell us what you think.








The next video is of ‘My Amie’ from the forthcoming Pig’n’aif album ‘Electronicalis. It follows the fanciful Pig'n'aif Logo Ship on its journey back home.
This album collects together a section of the Pig'n'aif repertoire which was heavily based on synth based sound, both keyboard oriented output and from Pete’s use of the guitar synth. This tonal soundscape is coupled with standard band instrumentation of guitars drums and yes, electronic kits in places, to form an exploration of a different genre. A slightly different, but welcome direction for the band,  just for the space of one album.
As you might expect the music swings between the poles of pure electronic music and prog rock.  Watch this space for news of the album release








Here we have a rendition of a more traditional Muddy Waters blues track Rollin’ Stone, taken from the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’ album. However, as you might expect this version is a slightly different interpretation to that of Muddy Waters’ own style. Check it out and let us know what you think








This track Cycles is taken from the ‘Pig’n’aif’ album ‘Handover’. 'Cycles' was Pete's first complete rock ballad written in 1969 and demo'd originally in 1970. It was played subsequently in a number of band line-ups around the country by Pete, but had never been formally recorded and released on album... until now. Mel's vocals set it off a treat.
The track was picked up by the Factory Fast Records of NY and included on their ‘Curtains Against the Wind’ album.
Feedback gratefully received.








Next is a light-hearted video of ‘Dead Man Bluestaken from the ‘Handover album.
This track is a cautionary tale for those of us getting long in the tooth  and a dig in the ribs for the Young 'Uns. Hopefully a chuckle for all.  But which-ever way you see it, it is a lesson to make sure you get the best out of what you've got now while you still can.
This track was also picked up by Factory Fast Records of NY and included on their ‘Road To The Sun’ album.








The video of the blues standard ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ‘is a track featured on the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’ album. The video footage is partially edited from a live Pig’n’aif  jam-band performance. A new treatment to an old classic with Pete in full-on blues R&B mode.








This next one is a video nasty of ‘The Jester perpetrated by Pete as a light-hearted, not-for-publication whimsy. It  is admittedly of atrocious quality even though we say it ourselves, but  in keeping with the image of the Jester, it should bring a smile to your lips. The track is taken from the ‘The Jester... Thinks...’ album.



PNF04-DVD01 Rising Records 2009
ISRC: GBJ3N1000012




All feedback is gratefully received of course.
We have every intention of releasing some further video in due course.  Maybe even taken from a live version of the band. Who knows...?

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