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Pig’n’aif Blue

Pig'n'aif Blue

Pig’n’aif Blue

Rising Records PNF06-CD01
Released 22/06/10

  • 01.
    Louisiana Blues
  • 02.
    Rollin' Stone
  • 03.
  • 04.
    Muddy Water Blues
  • 05.
    Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  • 06.
  • 07.
    Oh I Wept
  • 08.
    Tales Of Brave Ulysses
  • 09.
  • 10.
  • 11.
    Rollin' And Tumblin'

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This collection is composed of classic blues rock standards taken from the recent Pig’n’aif jam-band
line-up’s repertoire. The jam-band line-up is performing solely for fun, to play their own take on some music they have not played before... live. As they say, ‘It is nothing too clever or too creative. Just good old fashioned rock/blues to bang your prosthetics to.’ The album is beautifully produced and has received a lot of critical acclaim already.

The album features Mel Day on lead vocals (except for track 11 where he performs backing vocals and harmonica). Drums are played by Graham Shaw (except track 9). Pete Bangert played the guitar and provided backing vocals, drums on track 9 and lead vocal (if you can call it that?) on track 11. The bass was played by Session Pete, our friendly session man.

It had to be done... sometime... and now it has been.

Check out these Press Reviews of the album

The Ark Magazine :- “If you’re looking for a blues album that delivers more licks than an excited Labrador, Pig’n'aif’s new release, ‘Blue’ will more than cater for your needs... this is the band kicking back and playing songs they love to play, which shines through on the recording... the band are clearly enjoying themselves rolling up their sleeves and cranking out these blues standards for fun... “

The Entertainer :- “...Pig’n’aif Blue is a quite superb album... Eleven tracks of pounding rock blues favourites played in their own style, and their style is so professional and laid back, but then it would be these guys are definitely not beginners and it shows. Musically and vocally the sound is terrific. Lovers of this genre of music will not be disappointed... it’s a cracking CD, buy it now...”

Yorkshire Evening Post :- “Pig’n’aif are a bunch of hoary blues rockers from South Yorkshire. Pig’n’aif Blue sees them applying their own judicious stylings to a set of blues rock standards... their chugging riffs and drumloops are as comfy as an old pair of slippers, Mel Day’s gutsy vocals lend the band a distinctive edge...”

South Yorkshire Times :- “... A Pig’n’aif is Yorkshire for a difficult and onerous task. But checking out this meaty slab of unreconstructed electric blues standards was anything but for these ears... Day’s gravely vocals rip things up, but the sound is crystal clear and uncluttered... versatile axeman Bangert puts in some classy fretwork... There are no pretentious musical fireworks on display here - but tightness and talent abound... Blue is the sound of three excellent musicians steeped in a tradition, enjoying their
favourite tunes ... “

The Star :- “Snort what you might expect. Not content with shaking up many of the region’s venues South Yorkshire band Pig’n’aif have released an album on local label Rising Records so fans can take a piece of them home. ...delivered and recorded in honest but effective fashion... Pig’n’aif hit the mark with opener Louisiana Blues, Overkill and Rollin’ Stone... “

The Derbyshire Times :- “Pig’n’aif are an interesting band, a contrast of relaxed, blues kind of tone, with melodic, dirty riffs. It’s an odd mix, but they make it work. With such an eclectic blend, Pig’n’aif can have a very surprising sound... The band are great musicians, and the vocals are edgy, very Dave Grohl-esque, rich and soulful, every thing you’re looking for in a blues-rock band... “

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