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The latest album from the rock and blues Jam-band line-up

Pig’n’aif Blue-ish

Pignaif Blue-ish

Pig’n’aif Blue-ish

Rising Records PNF09-CD01
Released 30/5/13

  • 01.
    Strange Brew
  • 02.
  • 03.
    Born Under A Bad Sign
  • 04.
    Fire And Water
  • 05.
    Better By You, Better Than Me
  • 06.
    She's Alright
  • 07.
    Roadhouse Blues
  • 08.
    Storming (Stormy) Monday
  • 09.
    Outside Woman Blues
  • 10.
    I'll Be Creeping
  • 11.
    The White Room
  • 12.
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
  • 13.
    'Bout The Time
  • 14.
    Immigrant Song

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This is an album of Pig’n’aif versions of classic rock and blues tracks, reinterpreted and given some very  different and original twists. The album contains funk, heavy rock,  soul, R&B and blues grooves versions of tracks that were  written 40 and more years ago.

We are quite certain that (unless you have seen Pig’n’aif perform these  tracks live) you will not have heard these interpretations before.

Alongside the guitars and vocals of Pete Bangert, this album features the welcome return of Jack Bunker on Lead Vocals. Pete and Jack recorded together  last in the NWOBHM band Phoenix Rising and were delighted to renew their working relationship. There are 2  tracks on the album featuring the Lead Vocals of Mel Day who appeared on “Pig’n’aif Blue”. The album also features contributions from two session men from the extended Pig’n’aif family, Session Pete on Bass  (who featured on the “Pig’n’aif Blue” album) and Drums by our good  friend Clatterfoot.

Please let us know what you think of them.

Some Press Review and comment

Duncan Seaman - Yorkshire Evening Post: ”... Performances are tight, the album is well-produced and there’s  some particularly nice fretwork on Fire and Water and Storming  (Stormy)  Monday. The vocal interplay between Bunker and Bangert in the  Spooky Tooth number Better By You, Better Than Me is impressive... rocks convincingly. “

Andrew Platts - Mercury: ”...Great production... excellent rock and blues material well reinterpreted... a cracking album...”

RealSoundsOK: Pig'n'aif is not straightforward to sum up quickly... ...in typical  Pig'n'aif fashion the numbers were given very different treatments to  the accepted styles that we are accustomed to hearing them in.

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