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A compilation including a track from Pig’n’aif’s synth-based Electronicalis album

Dance with Destiny

Hot, Sweet and Blue

Dance With Destiny

Factory Fast Records
Released 13/03/17

  • 01.
    My Amie

01 - My Deviance - Red Crickets
02 - One of a Kind - Glass Garden
03 - ˜Dance With Destiny - AMbassadors of Morning 
04 - My Amie - Pig'n'aif
05 - See the Light - The Danbury Lie
06 - Sub-Earthen Patchwork Torus - Aura Blaze
07 - Julia Lost - The Everglows

You can download the album or individual tracks at most download stores world-wide including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many others.

Factory Fast Records    

This is released under the genre of  Alternative / Rock

The Featured Artists in addition to Pig'n'aif are:- 
The Everglows (London), Aura Blaze (Lebanon, NJ USA), The Danbury Lie (Seattle), AMbassadors of Morning (Wash DC), Glass Garden (San Jose, CA USA) and Red Crickets (Turku, Finland)

Release notes:- Atypic tenors melt with the unwonted giving the mix an ’experimental’ Rock feel. The outward rejection of commercial aspirations (inspired by bands like Smog, Giant Squid and Tortoise) never really unfolds, but that’s okay here. There are some fine spirited moments in this set of tracks with a phantasmagorical edge.

This album is reviewed by the Music Industry News Network as “Peculiarly creative, a new compilation titled ‘Dance with Destiny’ (out NOW on CD and digitally from Factory Fast MixCDs) is memorable, if not down right amphibological.”

There is another review of the album and in particular ‘My Amie’ in this blog. Thanks guys.

Check out the video of ‘My Amie’ here

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New York City-based Factory Fast Records specialized in producing musician-curated independent music compilations across all genres.

Please let us know what you think of the album.

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