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Shrine Of The Monkey live - photo

Shrine Of The Monkey were three musicians from Sheffield UK who met at a local jam session in February 2005. Because they had a lot in common musically, they decided to put the band together. 2005 was spent writing and rehearsing and they commenced live gigs in September of that year at a local bike rally.

They went from strength to strength playing all over the Yorkshire and Humberside picking up an extensive and loyal following. They performed as support for other more established headline acts as well as headlining in their own right in countless bars, venues, rally’s and shows throughout the region.

They produced a 4 track EP which was released in 2006. They then started work on writing their debut album. The band went into the studio to start to record their debut album Under Blackened Skies in March 2007. The process was lengthy but worthwhile delivering and excellent product with the mixdown and post production complete in 2009. The final touches were put to the artwork and the first production run was completed in March 2010. The album is on general release.

They have had great critical acclaim from the media as can be seen from the following write-ups.

"Good old fashioned soaring vocals over driving rhythms"- Jan Auckland, The Telegraph & Star.

"Straight out of the 70's Rock Handbook, all of them have a Black Sabbath feel, would appeal to fans of classic rock bands such as Sabbath and Rainbow as well as fans of Black Label Society and Goatsnake" - Rhodesy, The Coma.

"Starting off with the kind of riffing that retro Metalheads dream of. Sharp clean-cutting riffs like Saxon, Maiden or Randy Rhoads with Ozzy, makes the ears prick up" - The Sandman, Classic Rock.

"Early Sabbath-like Solid, Sheffield Trio wailing it out and melodicating your mind. Anthem sounds like a Sabbath unreleased track - love the guitar solo and I'm sure Tony would too"  - Glenn, Metalliville.com

"A real treat of stoner rock tinged with elements of Iron Maiden like quality, this is truly a magnificent band, a true joy to behold and one i'll definately watch again" - Luke, Metal Gremlin Webzine

"Solid British rock. It's raw, unpolished, warts 'n' all" - from 'amileinmyboots' - Paul,  Bubblegum Slutzine.

Metal Hammer gave them 8 out of 10 in their June edition 2006 for their debut EP, and they appeared on the October Fear Candy Unsigned CD distributed by Terrorizer mag,

Unfortunately, the band have now wound up and moved on to other separate projects. Rick continues with his long-term role as bassist in South Yorkshire metal band Seventh Son who continue to plow the circuits and festivals on a regular basis. On the good side it means that their last release is now a limited edition collectors item, so grab a copy before they are no longer available.

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