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ChinWig was a project band outing for Pete Bangert, Krys Bangert, Gordon Henderson, Mick Shedd and Aidan Hall designed to deliver a new set of original material. The name was derived from the preponderance of facial adornment sported by the various band members, and hopefully reflected a more philosophical and cerebral approach to the music brought about by much strokey-beard movement.

They released their debut album ‘Be Upstanding’ to good critical response and the album continues to attract downloads and streams worldwide. Click on the cover on the right to see the album details and to listen to clips from the album.

The album is available for digital download

The album 'The Jester... Thinks...' by Pig'n'aif on the Rising Records label was used to form the starting point of new material featured by ChinWig . The track 'The Jester' is the (sort of) title track from the collection.
You can see the spoof video of this track on the on the Pig'n'aif Website or here Pig'n'aif Video.

You can find more details about the band, their background and their material on the ChinWig Website.

Here is a video of the band performing the album track Stormbringer taken from their Be Upstanding album.

CW02-DVD01 Rising Records 2009
ISRC: GBJ3N1000022

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Be Upstanding



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