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Circles cover

  • 01.
    A Million Flies
  • 02.
    I Rise
  • 03.
    Crazy (4:09)
    "No Audio"
  • 04.
    Take Back The World (4:34)
    "No Audio"
  • 05.
    Change Comes Round
  • 06.
    Four Seasons (4:28)
    "No Audio"
  • 07.
    Chimes For Jamie (1:54)
    "No Audio"
  • 08.
    Circles (4:66)
    "No Audio"
  • 09.
    Sorry (6:07)
    "No Audio"
  • 10.
    She Rocks (5:08)
    "No Audio"

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

Their second album released in 2003. Produced by Psi Phi on 16 track digital it demonstrates an improvement in production quality over the first album, in that there are less instrumental compromises made in the mix.

The content is inventive and it shows that Psi Phi did not suffered from the common ‘second album’ syndrome that affects so many bands. This is in part due to the time that the band took in producing their second album without external pressures from contract or label, and partly due to their continuing native chemistry.

The band is right of course ‘A million flies can’t be wrong’ and ‘A Million Flies’ is a storming opener. ‘I Rise’ has some very strong hooks and lingers in the mind’s ear long after. ‘Chimes for Jamie’ is beautifully introspective and ‘Circles’ is an excellent and pleasing instrumental journey. Of course ‘She Rocks’ is also worthy of mention not just for it’s hard punching riffs.

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