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Welcome To Earth


Welcome To Earth cover

  • 01.
    Ragnarock 'n' Roll
  • 02.
    Another Lovesong (3:52)
    "No Audio"
  • 03.
    Science Fiction
  • 04.
    Forever and a Day (5:57)
    "No Audio"
  • 05.
    Waiting For The Words
  • 06.
    I Don't Want No-One Else (4:28)
    "No Audio"
  • 07.
    Dark Day (4:44)
    "No Audio"
  • 08.
    Right Place, Wrong Time (5:42)
    "No Audio"
  • 09.
    Looking-Glass War (5:40)
    "No Audio"
  • 10.
    Where Did The Good Times Go? (3:24)
    "No Audio"

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

This is Psi Phi’s debut album released in 2001 produced by Psi Phi on 8 track analogue. The sound is much larger than one would expect from such humble facilities. Skilfully done lads!

The content is inventive and satisfying (not in a hamburger way of course) and constitutes a great opener for the band.

This is an album that still keeps creeping back into your car CD carousel.

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