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PSi PHi live - photo

Psi Phi are responsible for perpetrating an extremely intelligent, varied and talented form of rock giving genuine entertainment on all levels - that of course includes their guitarist’s attempts at justifying the need for the fashion police. (Well done Pod).

Pod, the guitarist, has been in the music business for a number of years, appearing in several different bands, and his experience shows through in terms of sound control and content as soon as he digs into his favourite PRS. He is also well accomplished on acoustic guitar.  Pod does not rely on musical clich├ęs when soloing and introduces some pleasant subtleties which give him a distinct and personal style. He also makes the best use of a good vocal range.

In a similar vein Andy, the bass player, has an obvious wealth of gig and studio experience. He varies from an out and out funk presentation through to a good old fashioned rock thump with obvious ease.  Live, he overcomes one of the biggest problems faced by a 3 piece, the gap left in the rhythm when the guitarist goes solo, with the appropriate amount of flourish, whilst still keeping the rhythm link with the kit. Andy has a very able voice and uses it to great effect on both ballad and rock material.

Rob, on drums, is the ‘youth’ of the band but that by no means puts him at a disadvantage. He is steady when he needs to be and complex enough to fit into the three piece line up with ease.

Together, they are a 3 piece band that fills the sound like a 5 piece, due to intelligent and varied arrangements of well crafted songs. There are some examples of their output on their album pages. Follow the links on the right.

They released their third album ‘Powers Of Three’ to a huge amount of critical acclaim.

Their music really is superb in scope and delivery.

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