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Powers Of Three


Powers Of Three Cover

  • 01.
    All Fall Down (5:57)
    "No Audio"
  • 02.
    Masterplan (4:10)
    "No Audio"
  • 03.
  • 04.
    Crow Flies East (5:41)
    "No Audio"
  • 05.
    Argument (Parts i to vii) (23:42)
    "No Audio"

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

Psi Phi’s 2007 and latest album continues to demonstrate their versatility and assured grasp of the melodic heavy rock genre spliced with equal measures of inventive rhythms and funk.

It features great and varied performances from all three musicians. Pod maintains his masterful control over guitar riffs, chords and colours, Andy delivers both funk and rock in equal measures on bass, whilst Rob maintains his tight, effective and non-predictable drum lines to drive everything forward cleanly and rhythmically; all without muddying the crunch of the overall product.

The album is a pseudo two-sided LP format (including appropriate crackles and pops) with the first side taken up by 4 very strong and varied songs. The second side is a prog-rock number in seven parts written by Pod.

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