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Pig'n'aif Headbanger - Click for more infoPig’n’aif’s latest album Handover’, a multi-genre release of original instrumental and song material continues to receiv good support and interest. Check it out. Their previous release  from their jam-band line-up, ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’  is also receiving great reviews. You can listen to clips from their albums and find out more about the new album here. More...


Factory Fast Records - Click for more info Our friends and colleagues at Factory Fast Records in New York City have been kind enough to include three ‘Pig’n’aif’ tracks from the ‘Handover’ album in some of their compilation releases. The tracks are receiving regular, sustained airplay from radio stations in the USA as well as some local stations in the UK. We woiuld like to pass on our thanks to all involved for that help and support. Check out the Pig’n’aif Twitter feed for more info



Hot, Sweet And Blue - Click for more infoRoad To The Sun - Click for more infoThe track ’Oh Girl’ is on ‘Hot Sweet and Blue’,
‘Dead Man Blues’ is on ‘Road To The Sun’ and ‘Cycles’ will be included in the ‘Curtains Against the Wind’compilation that is due to be released on
12 January 2016. 
We are looking forward to that one as well.


The Light Warriors - Click for more infoThe very talented Jim Barber recently released the album ‘The Light Warriors’ on Carreg Dyn Records. This is a must listen album for anyone into instrumental guitar music. It is composed of evocative, sweeping, thematic music and will certainly leave you affected. He has appeared on over 200 albums over the years with some of the worlds best musicians. It shows in this album. Find out more about it here. More... Jim is now working hard on his next release.

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Phoenix on Fire - Click for more infoSome news for fans of classic NWOBHM bands. The Phoenix Rising studio album, ‘After The Fire’ is now approaching completion for release. This is based upon the album that was on the tapes when the original line-up was forced to take a pause back in the mid-80’s. Listen to clips from their albums and find out more about the new album here. More...






Setsudan Live - Click for more infoSetsudan continue to create interest in the Yorkshire and Midlands rock circuit with a number of very successful support and headline gigs under their belts. They rapidly became regular performers of choice at a number of local rock venues. They are now completing the final mix of their debut studio album which we are all eagerly awaiting. Click here for more information and weblinks.

Be Upstanding - Click for more info
ChinWig continue to attract both downloads and streams from around the world  for their album ‘Be Upstanding’. The guys would like to thank you all for that. You can listen to some clips from their album here. More...


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